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The Mission

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The Mission – to ensure that wind farms TC2000 review and other brokers and wind turbines cannot be imposed on communities that don’t want them. 

The sole purpose of “Together Against Wind”  is to provide an effective link between the Houses of Parliament and both individuals and Groups campaigning against the proliferation of wind turbines across large areas of our  countryside.

“Together Against Wind” is a simple not for profit organisation set up to bring Collective strength to the many campaign groups fighting against wind farms in the UK.

It is designed to complement existing campaigns and will hopefully help deliver a Cohesive message, so that we get a strong clear statement with one voice and through this achieve success. It is essentially what our opponents have been doing, remember how they ensured that wind subsidies were cut by only 10% rather than the proposed 25% in the review that took place in the summer of 2012.

“Together Against Wind”  is run by Chris Heaton-Harris MP and has a simple aim of changing government policy which is currently at risk of causing industrialization of our countryside on an unprecedented scale. It will encourage a two way flow of information between the Houses of Parliament and those groups and individuals fighting wind turbine applications. In particular it will:-

  • Set up campaigns to raise awareness among MP’s of the serious impact that wind turbines are having on rural communities.
  • Provide information to campaign groups and individuals about activity within parliament and seek support when appropriate.
  • Undertake research projects designed to provide information to assist in driving parliamentary campaigns and fighting wind farm proposals across the country.

To do this it will be necessary to raise funds and for that reason this web site has a facility for you to make donations. “Together Against Wind” is independent & not using any taxpayers money, we have got off to an excellent start thanks to a number of generous donations but to become a really effective force we will need to raise funds to undertake critical research projects. All donations will contribute to the ultimate success in working “Together Against Wind”. Click Here to Make A Donation Now..

To keep you informed there will be briefings concerning current projects, activity in parliament and progress on campaigns. These briefings will be sent to everybody who has registered, written to their MP, or supported any of our campaigns. Click Here To Register Now.

Please tell your like-minded friends and known contacts about “Together Against Wind” and ask them to join. Together we have a louder, stronger voice and a greater say in driving change for the better.

This website is for everybody who would like to work “Together Against Wind”.
Chris Heaton Harris MP


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