Tapware Maintenance

Do’s and Don’ts during Bathroom Tapware Maintenance

Regular cleaning and general maintenance of your bathroom fittings become an easy and affordable way to extend the life of its components. Each product carries a guide on how to take care of them to avoid gathering dirt and grime over time of use. Meanwhile, the maintenance of this facility is not simply about cleaning and shinning them. It is good to understand what each material requires for prolonged life. At the same time, the general cleaning approach may do more harm than good, especially if it is an uninformed one.

For example, certain chemical cleaners contain harsh chemicals that adversely affect your products’ lifespan and warranty. Therefore, you need to study the guide of each product on the cleaning tops and watch out for confirmation before you begin to clean. This article will discuss some of the cleaning cultures of tapware Australia in the home and vanities, basins, showers, toilets, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Tapware Cleaning and Maintenance Tips


  • You need to get warm soapy water and a soft cotton clothing material to wash and clean.
  • After cleaning with the warm soapy water, you can then rinse with a clean water
  • Dry the tapware using the soft cotton cloth you have
  • You also need to regularly clean and polish your tapware. This type of maintenance culture will save you the stress of doing a heavy or thorough cleaning and polishing after some time.
  • Use only soapy water with a soft dry cloth to clean colored tapware


  • Avoid using any chemical cleaning agent on your tapware because of the nature of the finish on the surface. Particularly, avoid cleaning chemicals containing acids or polish abrasives, harsh or brutal soaps. lean more about chemical cleaning agents use at https://www.marthastewart.com/8038910/cleaning-agent-types-uses
  • Also, stay away from abrasive cleaners generally including the chemicals, no matter how mild
  • When cleaning colored tapware, do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals because they will likely damage the color and the finished surface of the tapware

Do’s and Don’ts of Vanity Maintenance


  • You need soapy water to clean off the surface of your bathroom and toilet vanities. Also, you should carefully clean all the cabinets and ceramic surfaces with a friendly, softly textured material
  • If you have an exposed wooden surface, use furniture oil sparingly on the timber and other wooden surface finishes.


  • When cleaning, avoid an accruement of any excess water or moisture along with the vanity. The reason is that when water builds up this way in the presence of moisture, it may lead to corrosion of the surface material.
  • If you find any water on the surface, do not leave it. Instead, wipe down all the units after each use of the vanity to prolong its life

How to Clean and maintain showers


  • Unlike when cleaning only the tapware surface, cleaning a shower requires a squeegee to wipe down all its surfaces after every shower. Failure to do this would mean that the residual water could lead to water spots or even corrosion of the underlying metal
  • Always clean your shower at least once a week with hot water and mild soap. You will also need a soft microfiber cloth to clean the parts, including the tapware items. learn more about microfiber cloth by clicking here
  • Rinse the surface of the shower with clean water after washing with the mild soapy water
  • At times, you may have first to remove the drain lid and disassemble the parts before cleaning. And when you finish cleaning, you can now replace the removed parts.
  • If your shower is the one with roller wheels and tracks, try to use a silicone lubrication spray at least once in three months. This process will help to extend the lifespan of the shower.


  • a chemical cleaning solution will most likely hurt your shower. Therefore, avoid chemical cleaning solutions as much as possible when cleaning showers
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, pads, or even scrapers on the surfaces.

Tips on cleaning and maintaining your baths and basins


  • Clean your bath using a squeegee or a sponge after every use. The process involves wiping down all the surfaces to remove any residual water locking on them. Leaving out residual moisture can lead to water sports on the characters or cause corrosion of the underlying material


  • Just like when cleaning tapware, do not use any aggressive or abrasive cleaner for your bath surface

Cleaning and maintenance tips for your toilets


  • After each use, ensure you clean the vitreous component to stop all kinds of the build-up of scale and dirt on the surface. You should do the cleaning with warm soapy water and a liquid cleaner
  • Check out for any dripping tap and fix them. If you cannot fix them by yourself, call out a plumber immediately to look into them. Fixing leakages and drippings is one sure way to avoid any stain or limescale residue on the toilet surface.
  • You should also clean the seat and its cover regularly using warm soapy water and drops of disinfectant
  • Check out some hidden and hard-to-reach parts, such as the hinges on the seat and cover. Then, clean them with a mild detergent and soap. After cleaning all the features, including the hinges, rinse them with clear water and dry them.


  • Avoid using bleach products in the water cistern as it may cause severe damage to the internal fittings of your toilet ware, including the water control
  • Also, do not allow bleaches to reach the hinges as it can discolor the surface and cause pitting
  • When applying bleaches to the toilet bowl, ensure you do not leave it with a closed toilet cover. This effect may lead to discoloration of the toilet seat, including the hinges.
  • Avoid using aggressive abrasive cleaners on the surface of the toilet and its attached items, including tapware. These abrasive materials may scratch the surface of the seat and may cause irreparable damage.

Here is a good article to read about bathroom trends of 2021, that may help you select the best items for your bathroom.

Bathroom Trends in 2021

Do Not Miss these Bathroom Trends in 2021

As we look forward to the end of the year, you do not want to miss some latest bathroom trends for anything. More so, the newest trend is gradually journeying away from the rigid box shapes, millennial pink, and patchwork tiles. Moreover, we are now entering into a new direction of smoother curves and strong bonding with the feel of the bathroom environment. The new goal is beyond just having a neat bathroom to creating an environment in tune with one’s mood and desire.

In addition, homeowners now desire to have an internal environment that is sustainable over a reasonably long period. This sustainability is becoming an influential factor in determining the best bathroom design to choose. In addition, aside from layout, one needs to select quality tapware items that fit both form and function.

Moreover, everyone who sees and uses the bathroom wants esteem, well-being, and comfort apart from sustainability. All these essential qualities must be in place whether you are building afresh or renovating the bathroom. Below are the five top trends for Bathrooms to choose the 2021 season of interior fittings and d├ęcor.

Important Bathroom Trends You don’t want to Miss

2021 Is about Becoming More Natural

The first thing to note about the bathroom trends in 2021 is the inward journeying of all we have externally. In other words, nature seems to be coming indoors these days because we now have natural items to beautify the interior. For instance, we now use leaves, branches, jungle plants, and other things to calm the bathroom environment.

Some of the colors you now begin to see include green, coral, mint, and navy colors permeating the bathroom environment. Moreover, you get to add some of the earthy tones within the bathroom color palette. Creating this environment removes the tension of a busy lifestyle when you get inside the convenience. In addition to this theme, other related alternatives create a similar effect in use.

More color variations to the natural theme

Following the addition of a natural theme in the bathroom background, you can now have unique colors to add to the effect. In the 2021 bathroom trends that involve tapware items, you can now have fun and decorative materials as other items in the bathroom. These materials may include bamboo, seagrass, or even burnt wood coming in as flooring, hanging, or furniture items. learn more about burn wood furniture at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbfXhcLkeeE

In addition, you can also get these materials in either their detailed form or a minimalistic form. When you do, ensure that it matches your desire and the vision you want to create. Moreover, you can be creative with the other materials you want to bring in, mainly if you make a subtle feature.

Reliance on Japanese Culture

No doubt, Asia, particularly Japan, has one of East Asia’s most fascinating interior decoration ideas. Little wonder why many of the most astonishing ceramics and decorative materials come from there. Therefore, the following notable observation you will make about the 2021 trends is its increasing reliance on the rich culture of Japan. Moreover, Japan adds to its inspirational smart home to use authentic parts to make a statement.

In addition to the smart home, the culture also has art deco with neon brightness that can counteract any supposed cold environment. So, the boring or no decorating days in the home interior have ended, and the new season brings fresh ideas. Moreover, it also comes with a considerable range of flexibility and creativity to perfect your pictures.

Rules of the pattern are gradually fading away

In 2021, the supposed rules of patterns and how to apply them gradually fade off, especially in creating your bathrooms. Perhaps, a contributing factor is that you have the freedom to decide how you want your bathroom to look without owing anyone an apology. Therefore, it is now common to see a set of diverse color combinations and irregular patterns.

You can either go back into vintage to pick your materials and bathroom fitting, including tapware or advance to the 3D age. Meanwhile, while the ’70s and ’80s had their peculiar flavor, the newer 3D and 4D technology products recreate nature in a tech-driven environment. For instance, you can now add a 3D effect wall covering a textured tile instead of the actual tile.

What has this development done? You can now recreate an array of unlimited colors, textures, and styles into a single environment. In addition, the result will be an astonishing tone that fits perfectly into your expectation. Meanwhile, you can relate more to it as your idea rather than a rigid template you were given.

Freestanding Bathroom Baths

In the days past, we thought that freestanding baths are not fashionable. Nevertheless, the 2021 trends have proven us wrong that it can be perfect, not only for aesthetics’ sake but also for health reasons. Freestanding baths now stay at the top of the list of items that one must have in a typical modern bathroom. While your bath is the main center of attraction, you can create a more welcoming environment with concrete, marble, and timber features. learn more about bathroom remodeling by clicking this link.

Furthermore, if you intend to make a bold statement with the modern bathroom, you can add brass or polished matte black material. Meanwhile, also be on the lookout for two-tone basins and baths, which can add an inspiring effect to the general outlook of your bathroom. Right now, you can now dispel the idea that suggests that freestanding baths with unhidden pipes are not fashionable. Then embrace what the modern world of these items brings to the table.


In summary, what it takes to create a trendy outlook in your bathroom is not necessarily costly. However, it may take you to get a full grasp of the available items too. More so, check out the catalog of a reliable retailer like Tile and Bath Co to ensure you have what you need. Finally, use the suggested additions in this guide to create your free will.